The Liffey Forge Workshop



The Liffey Forge is based in Dublin, Ireland.
In addition to traditional smithy work and bespoke wrought iron work, we manufacture a unique and innovative range of recycled horseshoe based household, garden and decorative consumer goods.

Our 100% Irish horseshoes come straight from the hooves of Irish Thoroughbred race horses, Hunters and Ponies and are available in a range of sizes and finishes.
 We use native Irish Hard woods such as Beech, Ash,Oak, Elm and Yew.
All these sustainable woods are sourced in Co.Wicklow, and often recycled
wood is used. 
We are also able to use your cast off shoes and either incorporate them into our designs or in any piece you design yourself.

 For ordering information and prices you can email: Jamesfrench8@gmail.com 
or Tel: 087 9854717

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