Lucky Horseshoe Gifts

Hang a horseshoe above your door, to bring you luck forever more!

Many cultures throughout the world consider the horseshoe to be a symbol of protection and good luck.

When it is hung more commonly with the two ends facing upwards it is believed all the good luck and energy will be stored.
While some believe when hung with the ends pointed downwards all the good fortune may spill out, others believe it will release the good luck on those who walk beneath!
A worn horseshoe is thought to be luckier, as it may possess a powerful energy imprint from these majestic animals.

Horseshoes were also considered lucky because they were made by Blacksmiths who were revered and respected because of their trade. Blacksmiths worked with elemental fire and magical iron and were believed to possess special powers.






All our recycled and up-cycled horseshoes are sourced in Ireland from far and wide. 
Each one uniquely hand painted, decorated and decoupaged using various recycled materials.

Liffey Forge horseshoes make great unusual gifts for every occasion. Good Luck, Welcome, New Home, Congratulations, Wedding Day, New Baby,
Lucky Irish S
ouvenir, a token gesture of
Good luck and Best wishes.
So hang a horseshoe above your door,
to bring you Luck forever more!